Bio Gold Collagen Face Mask ~Our Best Seller!


This innovative Bio-Gold collagen Face Mask is formulated with pure gold, natural bio-ingredients and hydrating compounds to deliver to you a more refined, younger looking skin. This luxurious and natural skin treatment is being used by many spas internationally. Formulated with proprietary ingredient carrier, moiturizing elements to harness the power of pure gold and all its healing benefits to the skin.
Gold can also slow down the skin's collagen depletion and elastic breakdown. This mask stimulates cellular regrowth at the basal layer to regenerate, combat damaging free radicals, stabalizes skin immunity, rehydrates skin and improves skin elasticity, thus reducing the appearance of premature aging. The bio-active ingrediants enhance face slimming, scul[ting, whitening and evens out skin tone effectively.

Ingredients: Nano-active gold, bone collagen, placenta extract, flavanoids, aloe extract, ginkgo extract, victoria C, victoria E, hydroclauric acid and rose essential oil.

Recommended for all skin types. Especially to fatigue and dehydrated skin. Good base enhancement prior to make up.

Directions: 1) cleanse and dry your face thoroughly
                   2) open this foil paclage and apply mask onto face
                   3) apply excess bio-collagen gel over mask for better moisturizing effect
                   4) leave for 20-30mins
                   5) remove mask gently and follow with your usual skin care regime
Use 2-3 times a week for best results

Note! Do not use on damaged skin. Sensitive skin should do patch test. Stop if irritation occurs. For external use only. Store in cool dry place.

1 piece - RM 7.50
10 pieces - RM 65
20 pieces - RM 120
30 pieces and above - RM 5.50/pcs
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