Le'Masque Hazelia - Aromatherapy Dead Sea Bath Salts

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 This is a multi-purpose product. Continue reading to find out  more!!
Bath Salt features super moisturizing energy that instantly warms the body, promotes metabolism, blood circulation and removes dead skin to reveal clear, smooth, bright and shiny skin.

Key ingredients: 100% deep sea crystal salt, mineral and active contituents (NaCi, K+, Ca2+, Mg2+, SO-2/4), phytonicide of aromatic plants, jojoba oil, plant vitamin and amino acid that is extracted from flowers, trees, seedsand fruits.

There are several usage for this product! Below are the directions:-

For Face:  Some bath salts can be used as cleansingmilk when melted with a little amount of water.

For shower: Put 50g of aromatherapy crystal salts into a little hop-pocket. Hang it on the shower head or rub your bosy with it in  soft circular motions. Don't use too much force..

For Soak: Melt 70g - 100g of aromatherapy crystal salt in 200l of water in the bathtub. Enter the bathtub when the color and aroma comes out..

For Foot Bath: Melt 30g of aromatherapy crystal salt in 20l of water in the basin and wash your feet in it.

For Sauna: Replace the hot stone with mineral salt for sauna, which can give out steam with high salt concentration so that your body will be warm, cleaned up and bateria eliminated.

For Massage: Massage your elbows, legs, breasts and belly with a hop-pocket with 50g - 100g of aromatherapy crystal salts in it until you feel warm. Then clean up the salt residues.

For Slimming: Place 50g - 100g of aromatherapy crystal salt in a hip-pocket and use it to massage traget areas where you want to slim down. Eg- lower abdomen/thigh etc. This way, your body will slim down naturally.

Note! Do not use this product on damaged skin. Those with sensitive skin should do a patch test. 
Store in cool dry place.
For external use only. Should product come in contact with eyes, rinse with plenty of water. 

Aromatherapy Dead Sea Salts  Rose 1000g - Detoxification
*draws out toxins from your skin, muscles and bloodstream ; increases immunity

 Aromatherapy Dead Sea Salts Ginger Flower 1000g  - Moisturizing
*soak away stress, dry skin and fatigue. Moisturizes, detoxifies, soften the skin and smells heavenly

 Aromatherapy Dead Sea Salts Lavendar 1000g - Calmness
*naturally mineral enriched. Lavender bath salts improves circulation, calms nerves, relaxes aching/sore muscles and relieves stress

Aromatherapy Dead Sea Salt Milk 1000g - Whitening
*the scent is subtle and lightly flowery; the milk in it softens the skin. the creamy white water is extremely relaxing, perfect after a hard day

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2 jars  - RM 65
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